October 13th, 2009


Various surprises

Well, it's been two months since I got back from Canada, and I only have two more blog posts to finish writing it all up. In the meantime....

Last week, I discovered to my surprise that I came in second place in the Kiyoshi and Kiyoko Tokutomi Haiku Contest with this haiku:

so still, so quiet...
to sit alone with daydreams
and blue damselflies

The judges were Naoki Kishimoto and Yoko Senda. Yoko Senda wrote the following in the prize brochure:

Silence, solitude, daydreams, and blue damselflies. What a beautiful combination! As if to console the lonely poet or to generate fantasies, fairylike damselflies are around him or her. Imagination is an origin of poetry and it starts in silence. I wonder what kind of daydreams the poet is having and what kind of poems will be born. The blue damselflies will surely celebrate the birth of marvelous poems.

Roberta Beary won first place, Jerry Ball won third. Southern California Haiku Study Group member Margaret Hehman-Smith was one of the honorable mentions (along with Jerry and myself, who also had HM's).

On Sunday, I went tidepooling with seajules and Deborah Flores and somehow our cell phones, all from different providers, thought we were in Mexico! This happened when we were dangling our feet off the sandstone at Point Loma, still north of downtown San Diego! So I don't know if this was a flash-forward situation or we were starring in our own twilight zone episode.

pelicans skim
sandstone cliffs...
we could be in Mexico
or a place
only the sea knows

Tonight I came home from the Charles Harper Webb reading to find a large mysterious box from North Carolina, sheltered from the rain under the eaves of my porch. This turned out to be a case of gourmet pickles from the Mount Olive Pickle Company.

empty jar
of bread and butter chips
October rain