June 23rd, 2009


Saturday haiku

Victor Ortiz, Peggy Castro, Phyllis Collins, Kathabela Wilson
top row: Michael Angerman, Liz Goetz

Last Saturday was the monthly Southern California Haiku Study Group meeting at the Pacific Asia Museum. Thirteen poets attended and some of them are pictured above.

Each meeting I like to bring haiku books and journals for the haiku read-around in case anyone is new to haiku and/or doesn't have any haiku with them. Each meeting, I randomly pick different things from my bookshelf.

This time I brought:

Outside Robins Sing: Selected Haiku by Paul O. Williams, Brooks Books
Baseball Haiku edited by Nanae Tamura and Cor van de Heuvel
Modern Haiku 40.2, Summer 2009, edited by Charles Trumbull
Haiku Humor by Stephen Addiss with Fumiko and Akira Yamamoto
Masaoka Shiki - Selected Poems by Masaoka Shiki, translated by Burton Watson
Classic Haiku, A Master's Selection selected and translated by Yuzuru Miura
South by Southeast, Volume 16, Number 2, edited by Stephen Addiss, Angela Detlev, Josh Hockensmith, Phil Rubin, and Kelsey Rubin-Detlev

I had a productive writing session, drafting six haiku. I entered three in the kukai. A total of 39 haiku was entered in the kukai and Liz Goetz and Victor Ortiz wrote the biggest vote-getters. I've been writing fairly steadily since the workshop. For whatever reason, the monthly haiku meetings tend to rev my muse into gear.