June 2nd, 2009


More Fish Canyon

In yesterday's post, I made mention of the "salamander pool". The pool samhenderson and I were standing by in yesterday's posted photo was not the salamander pool. It was the swimming hole formed by the first three cascades of the waterfall. Many hikers end up cooling off here. I've yet to see a salamander in that pool.

There is a fourth cascade which falls out of the the main pool into a lower, much deeper pool...

I've seen salamanders in this pool on my last four visits to Fish Canyon Falls, which is why I've taken to calling it the Salamander Pool. This is not an official name, just my name for it.

On Saturday, we saw a canyoneer rappelling down the waterfall. Here he prepares to do the final cascade to the main pool....

Note that there are even wildflowers spilling down the waterfall itself!

Finally, I just need to share this photo of Sam...doesn't she look like a water nymph?

There are poems still brewing....