June 1st, 2009


The Wildflowers of Fish Canyon

Saturday was the 2nd Annual "Hike-ku" to Fish Canyon Falls but this time samhenderson and I were the only poet hikers. Although to be fair, one of Sam's daughters wrote a haiku! (Sam's hubby and daughters went, too).

There were tons of wildflowers in the canyon...a very inspirational day for a haiku poet! Among the blooms, we saw:

California milkweed (just starting to bloom)
wild mustard
prickley pear cactus
Our Lord's Candle (yucca)
blue dicks (at end of bloom period - I saw only one plant blooming - in March when I did the hike, they were blooming everywhere)
Indian pink
California buckwheat
cliff aster
golden yarrow
wild morning glory
sticky monkeyflower
bush monkey flower
elegant clarkia
caterpiller phaelia
Matilija poppy
common sunflower
western wallflower
white yarrow
California thistle
California blackberry
laurel sumac
Calfornia everlasting
leafy daisy

I put photos of many of these on flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dkolodji/sets/72157619080173856/

I am still trying to identify a few flowers so if anyone has any ideas about the unnamed flower photos, please let me know.

There were dried pods of wild cucumber, tadpoles in the stream, salamanders in the deeper swimming pool, lots of algae...and one of Sam's daughters saw a snake.

Being very overcast, there were no butterflies at all, compared to last week where they were everywhere. Unfortunately, I did see a dead chalcedon checkerspot in the creek by the bridge.

the double duchesses of the salamander pool...