May 1st, 2009


Eaton SFPA poetry reading and weekend speculations....

This weekend is the Eaton Conference of Science Fiction at UC Riverside. The theme of the conference is Extraordinary Voyages: Jules Verne and Beyond.

The Science Fiction Poetry Association is having a poetry reading and open mic on Saturday, May 2nd, at 5:30 p.m. The poetry reading is free and open to the public. You do not have to attend the entire conference to attend the reading and participate in the open poetry mic. I'm so thrilled that the Eaton Conference has decided to include poetry that I want there to be a big turn-out, so if you're anywhere in the neighborhood why not come by and read your best steam-punky poem! And, if you don't have a steampunk/Jules Verne inspired poem, any poem touching on science, technology, science fiction, fantasy, myth, legend, or horror will do.

It takes place in UC Riverside Extension School (B). Parking permits for lot b next to the Extension School will be available at the registration desk.

In case you'd want to attend the conference too, a day's membership is $55. Membership for the entire 3 days of the conference is $125. Information is here:

This weekend is also the annual JPL Open House, taking place both Saturday and Sunday. If you've never attended one of the JPL open houses and you have the slightest interest in science at all, you should go. And even if you don't like science, you should take your kids....

That's where I took the photo of the Mars rover I use as a userpic at times. It's also where I took the photo of me "on Mars" that I use as my main userpic. Basically, they have displays and videos of their current missions, lots of interesting things to see. Usually, they have a full scale rover model that they demo, so you can watch how the legs move, etc as it moves around and climbs over rocks in its display area.

In addition to their space projects, there are displays on climate change, various earth science satellites, etc. It makes for a fun day if you can fit it in your schedule.

My current plan is to go to Eaton all day Saturday and hit JPL on Sunday.