April 26th, 2009


A fun, zany day!

This morning time_shark, Anita, and I got up way too early but had a fun breakfast with catvalente and norilana

Cat, Mike, Anita, Debbie, Vera

After leaving the restaurant and while catvalente took care of a previously scheduled engagement, the rest of us entered some sort of weird alternate universe where time slipped out of control in a Whole Foods store, Vera's keys slipped into a wormhole and the backseat passengers decided to take a key-lime soda bath.

After finding our way temporarily out of this odd state of quantum weirdness, we picked up Cat, squeezed everyone in my tiny Corolla, cruised the Sunset Strip and ended up at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books Mysterious Galaxy booth far too late to meet W. Gregory Stewart for lunch.

There we discovered samhenderson who, in our absence, was serenaded by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle at her book signing.

mer_moon showed up to discuss what to do about tithenai with some help from gwynnega, Sam, and me.

Jess, Debbie, Mike, Gwynne, Sam

kingfisher1031 walked by on the way to his reading and s00j joined us, too. Before we left UCLA, Mike did an impromptu performance of his poems Bacchanal and Strip Search by the roots of a tree.

Afterwards, some of us met up with Kendall Evans in Pasadena at the Crocodile Cafe and we ended the day by figuring out our superhero names. I am hereby known as The Transporter and my nemesis is the evil Grid-Loc.

Debbie, Vera, Anita, Mike, Kendall, and Sam