April 19th, 2009


Local Haiku Groups....

I love my local haiku group! We just finished up another wonderful meeting - 14 poets writing 41 haiku in a 20 minute writing session. And so many of these on-the-spot compositions were wonderful.

One of the things that I've noticed about my years of attending monthly haiku workshops is that it has become easier and easier to write short poems at the moment of inspiration, which I think is helpful with haiku because they become so much more authentic and real.

Blogging Along Tobacco Road

Several friends were awake much earlier than me this morning and noticed that my "Three Questions" interview with Curtis Dunlap is now online on his Blogging Along Tobacco Road blog:


(Thanks b_oki for already putting the word out and thanks to everyone who has already sent me virtual high-five's! Thanks to Naia for taking the photo of me at Big Sur.)

In it, I discuss why I write haiku, what other poetic forms I enjoy, and three of my favorites among my published haiku. Each week Curtis interviews a haiku or tanka poet on his blog with the answers to these three questions.