March 16th, 2009


A Pulitzer week....

Last week had a lot of pizazz.

It started with poetry and a Pulitzer Prize winning poet, Yusef Komunyakaa at Boston Court.

And, how else to end such a week, but by watching a Pulitzer Prize winning play? So, on Saturday night, I went to see Picnic by William Inge, currently playing at the Sierra Madre Playhouse. I went with Peggy Castro, a member of my haiku group and the girlfriend of one of the cast members.

Jack Chansler plays Howard and makes the most of a minor character, with a memorable scene on the porch where he is reluctantly waiting to go off with Rosemary and get married. The more Rosemary gushes with the other women, showing off her new dress, etc, the more his face clouds up with doubts. "Oh man, did I really agree to do this?" he seems to be thinking....

worn suitcase
it didn't take her
long enough to pack