January 18th, 2009


bottle rockets/Tales of the Talisman

bottle rockets #20 and Tales of the Talisman, Vol IV Issue 3 arrived in my mailbox on the same day. Do you know what they have in common?

They each contain three haiku by Greg Schwartz and one poem by me.

bottle rockets also contains haiku by ankh_hpl, SCHSG member Victor Ortiz, Cor van den Heuvel, tenzing, tanyamcdonald, Michael McClintock, vincent tripi, David Lanoue, and a zillion other names from the haiku community. Although the journal also contains haibun and tanka, my poem this time is (not surprisingly) a haiku.

Lewis Carroll inspired my poem in Tales of the Talisman. Coincidentally, my first appearance in this magazine was also inspired by Lewis Carroll's writings.

"On the Night of the Bandersnatch" came out of a workshop samhenderson and I did at ConDor a couple years ago. Samantha got this idea of using words/phrases from a famous poem but the only famous poem she had memorized was Jabberwocky. So we put words like "bandersnatch" and "jubjub" into a hat and I drew "bandersnatch."

Greg has a haiku in Tales of the Talisman about "zombie love" which struck my funny bone. And I love "Merlin's Tree" by K.S. Hardy. There are also poems by Louise Webster, Alessio Zanelli, Carl Palmer, Carma Lynn Park, Gary Every, and Robert E. Porter. I haven't read the stories yet, but the magazine is worth buying for the poetry alone.