January 10th, 2009


Interesting mail

I came home yesterday to discover a mailbox brimming with goodies. My son Sean, who worked on a couple of Obama rallies, received an invitation to the Presidential Inauguration. However, after I got all excited about what looked like a real invitation, the enclosed letter clarified that the "commemorative invitation" invited him to all public events.

*sigh* Well, the chances of him getting a flight and a room are practically nil at this late date anyway.

The other interesting package was addressed to me. It was from Croatia.

Back in October I posted that I was the only American who placed in the Klostar Ivanic International Haiku Contest.

My prize seems to have arrived. Basically I received the above certificate with my commended haiku:

feeling romantic
she blows them a kiss -
they remain frogs

But even more intriguing was the little book entitled "Haiku zbornik 2008." (2008 Haiku Miscellany).

Although most of the book is in Croatian, part of it is translated into English. The first section contains the poems from the "International Contest for Haiku in English." Each haiku is in English and Croatian. This is followed by a section entitled "Haiku Competition in Standard Croatian and Dialects - Adults." This section also has English translations.

The next thirty pages or so is completely in Croatian. But the heading is subtitled in English "Haiku sequence contest - theme: The River." This is followed by a section entitled "Kajkavian Dialect." There are three copies of each First, Second, and Third Place haiku, one in English, one presumably in standard Croatian, and one presumably in the Kajkavian dialect. The commended haiku are in English and presumably the dialect. (I can't read either, so this is a guess.)

This is followed by a section labeled "Chakavian Dialect," which is set up the same way. Finally, there is a section labeled "Haiku Competition in Standard Croatian and Dialects - Children". Then there are a few more pages that I can't figure out (since I can't read a word of it), followed by an index.

It's very cool.

sva romantiča
pošalje im poljubac -
no, ostaju žabe

- Deborah P Kolodji
(I don't know who the translator was)

The deadline for next year's contest is May 31, 2009. There is no cost to enter. E-mail three haiku in English only to dvrozic@optinet.hr. First prize is USD 50.00, second prize is USD 30.00, and third prize is USD 20.00. There will be twelve commendations.