January 8th, 2009


Happiness by Raymond Carver (Happy Meme Day 8)

For the last day of the happy meme, I thought I'd post a link to Raymond Carver's poem Happiness.

The ending of Carver's poem makes a nice finale for a string of happiness blog posts.

Happiness. It comes on
unexpectedly. And goes beyond, really,
any early morning talk about it.

- Raymond Carver (from "Happiness")

At this point, according to the rules of this meme, I'm supposed to tag eight of my LJ friends. But, I'm going to let my blog readers volunteer. If you'd like to try posting for eight consecutive days about some of the things that make you happy, I'd love to read your posts, whether on LJ or blogspot or wherever you happen to blog! Just let me know in the comments so I'll double-check your blogs.

Maybe you'll even do what I wasn't able to do, and actually post for eight consecutive days! But, if no one has the time or inclination, well that's ok, too.

Is this the last time I'm going to post about happy things in my life? Absolutely not.


of butterflies
opening in the sun...
a bird, a plane aloft, the joy
of flight

- Deborah P Kolodji