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Deborah P Kolodji
11 May 2008 @ 11:17 pm
My pursuit of haiku has led me on many adventures. But occasionally they become misadventures. Last weekend, I created a haiku weekend for myself and took unsuspecting poet Wendy Wright along for the ride.

It sounds peaceful enough. A Friday sightseeing journey up the coast.

An all-day Saturday haiku event in the Japanese Garden in San Jose:

Followed by an all-day Sunday event in the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden at CSULB:

But that doesn't factor in the flat tire adventure.

morning walk
to the auto parts store
the haiku I didn't write

Or the fact that the power went out in the section of San Jose I was in while waiting for food service at a Mexican restaurant.

almost cinco de mayo
chips and salsa
in the dark

Driving through some road construction on the way to the Pancheco Pass, I hit a bump in the road which caused my windshield wipers to spontaneously come on and totally smear the windows so much that I took the wrong fork, driving aimlessly through miles of unmarked farmland before doubling back to the 101 two hours later (instead of making it over to the 5).

no signs no turnoffs
just a long road
going nowhere

Then because it was almost one am and we were only in Carpenteria, we decided to rent a room for the night. This was almost ok because the morning drive was glorious along the beach.

the surf, the sun
the flashing red lights
of the cop behind me

And, yes, I received only the second speeding ticket of my life.

So, my little haiku weekend was a bit more costly than expected, but it was...an adventure.