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Deborah P Kolodji
05 February 2008 @ 11:26 pm
There are three of my cinquains in the January issue of Sketchbook, which is edited by Karina Klesko and John Daleiden, both long time members of CinquainPoets.

Those poems can be found here.

The spring issue of The League of Laboring Poets is out with two more poems, an untitled cinquain inspired by Zion National Park and The View Through Ray-Bans which was written during time_shark's visit here last June when I took him on a quick tour of Hollywood Boulevard. I'm placing this poem behind a lj cut- Read more...Collapse )

The League of Laboring Poets is chapbook style, saddle-stapled with a color cover on nice paper, edited by Tom Conroy. Copies are $3 each from Tom Conroy, 19850 Arrow Highway, #C10, Covina, CA 91724. Other contributors include Michael Estabrook, Lyn Lifshin, Alex Stolis, Patricia Wellington-Jones, and others.

Each issue also includes a haiku/tanka insert, in trifold format, called Under the Banana Tree which has two of my haiku in it this time around.