December 7th, 2007

Egrets Reading

Poetry Workshops - Yesterday's and Tomorrow's

I really enjoy live poetry workshops.

Yesterday, we had a nice get-together at kathleenwilson's "poetry/music salon" at her CalTech area townhouse. Kath cooked up a dinner made almost completely from ingredients originally native to the Americas. kingfisher1031's sister, "Brave Doe" (Susan Campbell) brought some of her gorgeous sculptures, handmade from findings of interesting stones and other natural materials. Her work has been displayed at the Southwest Museum, among other places.

It turns out that Don & Susan are both direct descendents of Sequoyah and to celebrate this connection, Rick and Kath played a Native American melody on a Native American flute (Rick) and a Navaho drum (Kath). Then, Rick played a modern flute piece based upon a Native American melody. He played this on an ivory flute.

It was a wonderful evening.

Tomorrow, the Southland Poets of the Fantastic have a speculative poetry workshop down at San Diego. We're going to meet at seajules's house and, weather willing, explore the Cabrillo National Monument for poetry prompts and general inspiration. If you're going to be in San Diego and want to join us, contact Jules for directions (or me, if you don't have her e-mail address).

We're meeting at 12:30 with the intent of being at the monument at 1:00 p.m.