December 2nd, 2007

Egrets Reading

December Heron's Nest

The December 2007 issue of The Heron's Nest is online now with one of my haiku:

I wrote this one for my former father-in-law who died a year ago.

The issue also contains a haiku by SFPA member Ann K. Schwader. Ann recently won the Scorpion Award at Roadrunner Haiku. Lee Gurga's write-up mentions that a good haiku should have a little sting, "combining a keenness of perception with a sharpness of expression along with a turn that, like the flick of a tail, makes us flinch." Ann's haiku in this month's Heron's Nest has that same sting, so common in her speculative poetry, with sharp, stark minimalistic imagery: (scroll down)

The issue also contains haiku by two Southern California Haiku Study Group members - one by Margaret Hehman-Smith, which she workshopped in our monthly kukai:

as well as one from Victor Ortiz:

There's also one by Dwarf Stars 2007 contributor Darrell Lindsey:

This is only the tip of the iceberg as far as familiar names and excellent haiku. If you have some time, I'd recommend the entire issue!