November 27th, 2007

Egrets Reading

Amaze update

One of the downsides to a twenty-four hour day and being SFPA President is that I seem to run out of time to do everything I want to do.

Just think what I could do with the extra 36-40 minutes I'd have if I lived on Mars!

I might even be able to keep up with my cinquain journal. Fortunately, my contributors and potential contributors are great and the cinquain poetry community is very supportive.

I've almost finalized the contents of Amaze #13 and Lisa Janice Cohen is going to work on getting the issue online this coming weekend.

So far we have cinquains by Gael Bage, Susan Constable, Michael L. Evans, Joshua Gage, Paul Igrassia, David Jalajel, Doris B. Kersten, Bob Lucky, Mary E. Moore, Pam Pignataro, Ann K. Schwader, Benjamin Schwalke, Lee A. Spain, J.E. Stanley, Pat Tompkins, s.c. virtes, and Wiltshire.