November 13th, 2007

Egrets Reading

moonset arrives!

My copy of moonset arrived today. For those unfamiliar with moonset, it's a haiku newspaper, printed twice yearly. This issue is 48 pages, printed newspaper tabloid style and contains about 450 poems and works of art.

I have three poems scattered throughout this issue - a haiku, a tanka, and a haibun.

I'm particularly thrilled with the publication of my haibun--it's always fun to slip some science imagery into mainstream haiku publications. This piece is called "The Garden Sprinkler Nebula" and was inspired by Henize 3-1475, a weird nebula spouting a s-shaped jet of gas like a gigantic garden sprinkler. Haibun editor, Hortensia Anderson, made this comment, "Kolodji is a poet whose creativity is fueled by scientific discovery," a comment which frankly made my day.