October 27th, 2007

Egrets Reading

Forgotten Fact: The Trojans are college kids

After hearing all of the excess moaning and groaning about the Trojan's loss to Oregon today only weeks after the embarrassing loss to Stanford, this evening I finally had a revelation.

People have forgotten that the Trojan football players are college students instead of pros!

I was at a party this evening and a guy said, "LA doesn't have a pro football team but we had USC and now without USC, everyone is so depressed they're almost suicidal!"

Huh? USC is still there with all of its tradition and all of its former and future glory.

Today's football game was riveting. Although USC was in the unusual position of trailing the entire game (when they weren't tied), it wasn't over until that final interception in the last eleven seconds.

And then, there was that heartbreaking 65 yard touchdown run that never made the scoreboard due to a personal foul against a different USC player...

The bottom line is that USC made some great plays but also made some mistakes. These are talented college students, not pro football players, and it's time Los Angeles remembered it.

So, don't wear black tomorrow, mourning the national championship that won't happen this year. I'll continue to wear cardinal and gold proudly, because at the end of the day, I'm a Trojan fan and a USC alum, and will root for these kids even when they lose.