October 15th, 2007

Egrets Reading

Miscellaneous Poetry News...

Today I found out that one of my haiku will be in the December issue of The Heron's Nest.

Also, I received my contributor's copies of Space and Time, which contains Tree of Monsters, a group poem I wrote with eight other members of the Wicked Verse yahoogroup e-mail list: Linda Addison, Gary William Crawford, David C. Kopaska-Merkel, Jacie Ragan, ravenelectrick, and Scott Urban.

I've been busy with several collaborations lately and its interesting how they all evolve a bit differently. I mostly do rengays, six stanza poems where each poet takes turns linking off the previous verse with haiku-like stanzas. For "Tree of Monsters" we all wrote a stanza on a particular topic without seeing the other stanzas, which was assembled into a poem which we then edited as a group. It's surprisingly cohesive IMO.

I also recently finished a poem with Kendall Evans and that one was interesting because Kendall sent me a starter stanza and at first I replied to it with a stanza, thinking "rengay style" collaboration, but then he sent me back something where he'd added a bit, but also did some tucks and adds here and there, so I did the same and we continued in that fashion until we were both satisfied. The resulting poem is interesting in the sense that unlike my rengay collaborations and "Tree of Monsters," I frankly couldn't really tell you which parts I wrote and which parts Kendall wrote. The poem seemed to have a mind of its own and is longer than my usual fare.

My final piece of news is aimed at SFPA members - the Sept/Oct issue of Star*Line has went to press.