September 20th, 2007

Egrets Reading


Just found out that one of my tanka will be in the Australian tanka journal, Eucalypt.

I'm fairly new to tanka - it took me years to get the hang of it. Michael McClintock finally opened the door for me because he felt that cinquains and tanka were so closely related that he couldn't understand why a cinquain poet couldn't write tanka and vice versa.

Finally, the light dawned. I was basically trying to write a haiku and then add two more long lines to it. This meant that the resulting poem had two breaks in it because I was essentially writing a haiku, kireji and all, then adding to it. Once I got the hang that I needed a more lyrical flow and only one break (if any), it became much, much easier....although I must say that a lot of my tanka turn into cinquains.