September 18th, 2007

Egrets Reading

SF Poetry

Somewhere out there, there is a blog flurry as to whether or not science fiction poetry is "silly."

I don't understand why it matters so much to some who want to sneer at those of us who practice such dark poetry arts, with hints that because we are who we are, we obviously (1) only publish in photocopied journals or POD's, (2) have never read the poems of anyone published in Poetry magazine or Ploughshares, and (3) wouldn't recognize William Shakespeare if a volume of his sonnets appeared on the bench beside us.

I mean, really! Who can assume who we've read and who we're going to read tomorrow based upon membership in a poetry organization?

If a group of 220 poets or so wants to gather together out of a common enjoyment of a particular facet of poetry, why should it matter to those who don't want to join the party?

Even stranger, why should someone who actually writes this type of poetry have a problem with it?

I really didn't want to participate in this particular war at this particular time, but since I currently appear to be the elected science fiction poetry high priestess, I just needed to say something...