September 3rd, 2007

Egrets Reading

A Sonnet for Dreams and Nightmares

I just heard that one of my speculative sonnets has been accepted for Dreams and Nightmares and will probably appear in #80, the May 2008 issue.

David C. Kopaska-Merkel has probably published more of my sf & fantasy sonnets than any other publisher, so I'd like people to keep him in mind in case they happen to find they have an available sonnet after the results of the 2007 SFPA sonnet contest are announced.

The judges are currently very busy with the judging process. I've heard that out of 299 entries, there were 267 individual poems, most of them bona fide sonnets, and of those, there were at least 50-60 sonnets that the judges told me were "very good."

So, I'm waiting to hear the results with as much anticipation as everyone!