August 7th, 2007

Egrets Reading

SFPA election

Well, it appears that I managed to win the SFPA election against myself, even though I hear one creative soul decided to write in Parker Posey.

time_shark has now announced the results officially on the SFPANet list.

Joining me and Mal Deeley, the two returning officers, is our new treasurer team of samhenderson and jborneman.

The turnout wasn't much - but then, we didn't have anybody running against anybody this time around.

Thanks to all who voted. I'll do my best for y'all these next two years and I have a great team in Mal, Sam, and John.
Egrets Reading

More Tinywords & a Milestone

A second "Hiroshima Day" haiku went online at Tinywords today:

orange dragonfly
over the koi pond
Hiroshima Day

- Deborah P Kolodji
Tinywords, August 7, 2007

Also, today is a bit of a milestone for me. My youngest child, my daughter, turned 20 this morning.

This means I no longer have a child young enough to be a teenager, which makes me feel even older than I'm going to feel on my own birthday Saturday.