May 26th, 2007

Egrets Reading

Getty Center Speculative Poetry Workshop

Denise Dumars, Debbie Kolodji,
Greg Stewart, Stephania Ebony, and Samantha Henderson at the Getty
(not shown) Christopher Vera and Lois Jones

Today was a very full day of poetry at the Getty, a very inspiring place to write poetry of any sort. Several special exhibits were particularly inspiring to speculative poetry: "Radiant Darkness: The Art of Nocturnal Light," "Medieval Beasts," "Zoopsia" (visual hallucination of animals using photograph collages), and "Cudry's Painted Menagerie." I ended up writing first drafts of two poems, the first one inspired by a Palissy ceramic bowl from 1550 and the second by a painting by Gerrit Dou, Astronomer by Candlelight, from the late 1650's.

I also have seedling ideas for another half a dozen poems.

Afterwards, Greg, Denise, Stephania, samhenderson and I went back to Greg's house where we were joined by his wife Helen and enjoyed hot bowls of Greg's homemade chili and more poetry talk late into the night.