May 12th, 2007

Egrets Reading

Southern California Poetry Festivals

Today is the day of the Orange County Poetry Festival, from 2-5 pm at the Tiger Woods Learning Center in Anaheim. It features California State Poet Laureate Al Young, who is well worth going to hear if you've never heard him read his poetry.

Unfortunately I am unable to go but it's heartwarming that poetry seems to be alive and well in Southern California, despite the apparent apathy of the general public.

Last month was the Long Beach Poetry Festival, always near and dear to my heart since I was born in Long Beach. I attended one of the readings this year, Murray's reading at Barnes and Noble. There I received a nifty t-shirt which says "Long Beach Poetry Festival" on the back just for reading a few poems.

Next weekend is the Ojai Poetry Festival, which features among others Gary Snyder, whom I've loved ever since I read Danger on Peaks.

Unfortunately I'm going to miss out on that one too, since I have plans to be in San Jose for the Yuki Teikei teahouse haiku workshop and reading. This year Jerry Ball is one of the features. Since Jerry founded our local haiku group back in 1997), three of us are driving up there together to support him.

Too much poetry too little time....