April 19th, 2007

Egrets Reading

Jamie Bishop Scholarship Fund

It has been announced that a scholarship fund been set up specifically in Jamie's name. The Jamie Bishop Scholarship will be awarded annually to German majors at Virginia Tech.

The Science Fiction Poetry Association will donate to this scholarship as per the wishes of the Bishop family and all new donations to the SFPA Bishop Memorial will go to the scholarship fund.

However, since I don't like the idea of saying I'm going to send donations one place and then diverting it somewhere else, any donations preceding the corrected announcement will be sent to the Hokie Memorial Fund as previously announced unless donors let Hel or me know it's ok to send it to the Jamie Bishop Scholarship Fund instead. (Most people who've sent donations have already let us know that it's ok to send divert their donation to the scholarship fund.)

Please forgive me for the confusion - in the shock of all this and the urge to do something immediately to support the Bishops, we had made the decision on the listserv to "do something" and then afterwards found out about the family's wishes.

If people would like to donate to the fund directly as individuals, donations should be made payable to the Virginia Tech Foundation for the Jamie Bishop Scholarship (for German Majors)and mailed to:

Virginia Tech Foundation
University Development
902 Prices Fork Road
Blacksburg, VA 24061