March 27th, 2007

Egrets Reading

Wild Women of the West

Nancy Ellis Taylor
Brentwood, CA - March 24, 2007

On Saturday, I attended SFPA member Nancy Ellis Taylor's book launch at Dutton's in Brentwood. Denise Dumars joined me in the audience.

Nancy's poem "Condor Country/New Year's Eve" was included in What Wildness is this: Women Write About the Southwest published March 1st by University of Texas Press. I particularly love the beginning lines of her poem:

"Liquid cold ripples,falls
in frozen fingers on the moss.
Canyon walls thread thin sky and stream
to strands of azurite and silver..."

-from "Condor Country/New Year's Eve" by Nancy Ellis Taylor

Nancy's descriptive language places us in the wildness of condor country and yet, by the end of the poem she has miraculously transitioned us back home to football and crowds as "And one by one/we forget how to fly." The poem is beautifully done.

Also participating in the launch and reading were other contributors Janie Fried, Julia Gibson, Penelope Moffet, Sandra Ramos O'Briant, and Marie Unini.

In addition to Nancy's anthology poem, she read her poem about the ghost of Elvis, and Sandra Ramos O'Briant read the first chapter of her vampire novel, so there were some speculative elements present.