February 27th, 2007

Egrets Reading

The Monday Night Poetry crowd

Last night I went to Monday Night Poetry as a member of the audience. There was a San Gabriel Valley Quarterly issue launch and I hadn't gotten around to submitting a poem. It was "The God Issue" and the poems ranged from religious to irreverant. Many were oddly speculative.

From "A Celestial Orchestration" by Scott Utley: I once witnessed/A brilliant platinum galaxy/Abruptly vanish/into a hovering cloud/Of dense/Erotic black". Utley goes on to explore various interpretations of his title.

Russell Salamon had two poems about infinity. From "Swimming in Infinity": We swim in infinity, barnacles/form on our fins, wars, burning/trees, houses.".

Toti O'Brien had an interesting poem, "from INGEMAR'S GARDENS" which is written into four subtitled sections, "1. Cold Planet", "2. Warm Planet", "3. Hieroglyphic garden", and "4. Lanterns."

Nineteen contributors from the issue were at the reading and read: Jack Bowman, CalOkie,Don Kingfisher Campbell, Beth Cheng, Barbara Cogswell, Pauline Dutton, Richard Dutton, Charles Harmon, Sharon Hawley, Regina Higgins, Scott C. Koester, Ellaraine Lockie, Mira Mataric, Andrea Nanette Mejia, Toti O'Brien, Russell Salamon (who also read a poem by contributor Lois P. Jones), Lori Wall-Holloway, Claudia Perez X, and Nadja Jahara Bobbie. Contributor Jeffry Jensen was spotted in the audience but left before he could read. There was about 40 people there last night - I was really impressed with the turnout.