February 12th, 2007

Egrets Reading

Last Day for Rhysling Nominations

Today is the last day for Rhysling Nominations. If you are a Science Ficton Poetry Association member in good standing and haven't nominated a poem yet, what are you waiting for?

Your nomination must be either postmarked or received by e-mail by Drew tonight. For information on how to nominate a poem, click here.

If you have no idea what to nominate, well....

There's always my poem "Siren's Call" from Mythic 2 for the long poem or ravenelectrick's poem Jumpers from Abyss and Apex for the short poem....

Here are some other interesting poems from 2006:

Dragon Lust by Marge Simon from Goblin Fruit
Spiral Scream by Ann K. Schwader from Strange Horizons
Hero by samhenderson from Ideomancer (Sept 2006 issue)
The Way of the Gate by kythiaranos at Goblin Fruit
Maria Goes to Bed by John Grey from Astropoetica
Early Astronomy by Meg Smith from Astropoetica
Milky Way by Dan Mitrut from Astropoetica
The Frog Wife by catvalente from Lone Star Stories

This is just the tip of the iceberg - I know I've overlooked several very nice poems that I don't have ready links to....there are some fine scifaiku from Scifaikuest which I don't have online links to and I don't have permission to post here, for example.

Bottom line, if you're a member of the SFPA and haven't nominated something, you have a few hours left.