February 7th, 2007

Egrets Reading

Featured Poet at Scifaikuest!

I'm the featured poet in the February print issue of Scifaikuest! This issue contains 16 of my unpublished haiku, one tanka, a rengay with oino sakai, a solo rengay, and a haibun. It's almost like a mini-chapbook of my ku all within this one issue. Need I say that I'm very thrilled with it?

ambasadora has her first published poem in the issue, too!

Then, there's work by some of my long-time scifaiku list friends - Rich Magahiz, oino, John Dunphy, and sakyu.

I'm also pleased to see a good SFPA representation as well - Malcolm Deeley, Drew Morse, David C. Kopaska-Merkel, Irving (David Vandervort), J. Bruce Fuller,hieran, M. Frost, Lisa Bradley, Stephen M. Wilson....

Bruce Boston and Malcolm Deeley did the art.

And there's work by mainstream haiku poets like Amitava Dasgupta and Vladislav Vassiliev (who edits the Russian/English bilingual mainstream haiku journal Ulitka).

I'm sure I've overlooked someone in the excitement - if so, please forgive me.

The issue looks great - I went to a get-together at poet kathleenwilson's house (where her husband treated us to a wonderful concert on his antique flutes) and kingfisher1031 was there, too. I actually could have sold three copies of the February Scifaikuest if I would have had extra copies with me....