February 1st, 2007

Egrets Reading

The Great Poetry Exchange

For those of you who have published chapbooks and books of poetry, Poetry Super Highway is having its 6th Annual Poetry Exchange.

The idea is to expose as many people to as many other people's poetry as possible. Each participating poet will send in one book of their poetry and will receive a randomly selected book of poetry from one of the other participants. E-books are not eligible for the Great Poetry Exchange. By registering you also must realize that it may be possible that you will be asked to send your book to another country.

Basically, each poet registers and then Poetry Super Highway assigns each person another participant to mail their book to directly. You will receive a randomly selected book of poetry by another participant directly from him/her. I've done some things with Poetry Super Highway in the past so I have confidence in the organizers of this event.

I think this is a wild way to expose the world to more different types of poetry so I'd like to encourage all my friends with books and chapbooks of poetry to consider participating. Who knows, you may really enjoy that book of cowboy poetry, science fiction poetry, haiku, love sonnets, slam-style poetry or gritty urban realism that you receive in return! Or, you might even receive my book, Red Planet Dust!

Here's the link: