January 20th, 2007

Egrets Reading

Poetry Workshops and Flexibility

I'm discovering that I really enjoy leading poetry workshops. When Jerry Ball moved to the Bay Area and the Southern California Haiku Study Group needed a new leader, I was very nervous at first at the thought of trying to fill Jerry’s shoes.

Then I realized I didn’t need to fill his shoes, I just needed to figure out what my own are.

One thing that has been a great help has been to have one or two contingency plans in the wings. It’s hard to know on a particular Saturday at the Pacific Asia Museum

(1) How many people will show up
(2) How many people will be "new"
(3) What the skill levels of participants will be
(4) What the situation will be at the museum

Today, there was an arts festival taking place in the courtyard which I was not expecting and which produced a lot of noise. However, it gave us something different to write about and there were free food samples. So, it still managed to work.