January 13th, 2007

Egrets Reading

Coronado Butterfly Preserve

orange burst --
the morning sun wakes
over-wintering monarchs

- Deborah P Kolodji

Today, I went on a Sierra Club outing to the Coronado Butterfly Preserve. This turned out to be an unbelievably fun and inspiring day. I'm sure there's a ton of poems still simmering inside of me as a result of this trip.

I tried to take photos but didn't have a powerful enough zoom to do it justice. I found this photo taken by kesdcm which beautifully conveys in part what I saw.

With us on the trip was Fred Heath who wrote a book called Introduction to Southern California Butterflies and who is knowledgable on all sorts of things in addition to butterflies...birds, native plants, etc. Fred brought a powerful scope which allowed us gorgeous up-close views of the hanging clumps of butterflies.

Afterwards, we spent followed a trail to the Ellwood bluffs where we overlooked the ocean and saw all sorts of shorebirds - sandpipers, sanderlings, a brown pelican, cormorants, a snowy egret, and a great egret. Then, we spent the afternoon at the Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens.

Finally, I got back to L.A. in time to make an appearance at sf poet Kendall Evan's surprise birthday party. I'm sworn to secrecy as to his exact age, but I will let slip that it ends with a zero....