January 11th, 2007

Egrets Reading

The Shantytown Anomaly

I received my contributor's copy of The Shantytown Anomaly #4 today. It has poetry by madwriter, Guy Belleranti, Eric P. Block, G.O. Clark, John J. Dunphy, Kendall Evans, Berrien C. Henderson, Irving, Rich Magahiz, Michael S. Merriam, J.D. Nelson, seajules, Greg Schwartz, Marcie Lynn Tentchoff, Samuel Tinianow, and me.

One of the things I love about The Shantytown Anomaly is the fact that it has a two page scifaiku corner!

This issue also has some flash fiction by Gary Beck, Kenneth C. Goldman, Kristine Ong Muslim, Mike C. Norris, Daniel Ausema, Josh Maday, and Sean M. Foster.

Your copy is available for $3 via paypal from theshantytownanomaly@yahoo.com.

I also heard yesterday that my latest rengay with Ann K. Schwader, "The Barrens in Virgo," will be appearing in issue #5.