January 8th, 2007

Egrets Reading

Using Kigo in Scifaiku

The deadline for January's monthly Shiki Kukai is coming up this Saturday, January 13th at noon EST. The kigo word is "blizzard" (the word "blizzard" must be used in the haiku) and the free format word is "temperature" (the physical sensation of temperature should be in the haiku, it need not be the actual word).

Entries should be send to st-kukai@haikuworld.org with a subject of "Kigo Entry" or "Free Format" entry respectively.

Sometimes, I enjoy the challenge of twisting the kigo into scifaiku for my personal enjoyment. Blizzard is one of those kigo words which I have no real life experience with and that probably won't change in the near future as I continue to live in my native Southern California.

So, it didn't take much effort to twist this kigo into scifaiku, since the resulting scifaiku was about as real to me as writing about being in a blizzard would be:

third blizzard --
the colony orders parts
for its weather generator

The free format word was more difficult, but by focusing on straight science, I ended up with a science metaphor type of ku:

6000 degrees c
the mottled photosphere
of her anger

I still may write something mainstream with the assigned kigo/free format word in time to enter it, but if not, I hope you enjoyed these.