January 7th, 2007

Egrets Reading

Poems in Loch Raven Review

The Winter issue of Loch Raven Review just went online and includes two of my poems, Pinecones from a Centerpiece and Resolutions.

This issue also features poetry by my cohort at Amaze, Lisa Janice Cohen, as well as poems by Penny August, Linda J Austin, Gael Bage, Annie Bien, Gary Blankenship, Beau Blue, Graham Burchell, Laurie Byro, Mary Susan Clemons, Jim Corner, Alba Cruz-Hacker, Dan Cuddy, Michaela A. Gabriel, Liz Gallagher, Jude Goodwin, Jason Huskey, Allen Itz, Morgan Lafay, David W. Landrum, Jack McGeehin, Corey Mesler, Greg Mosson, Cynthia Neely, Nic Sebastian, and S. Thomas Summers