December 8th, 2006

Egrets Reading

Holiday Haiga Postcard/Christmas Cards

I finished my holiday haiga postcard which I created to send up to the Yuki Teikei Society Christmas party at the home of Patrick and Claire Gallagher in Sunnyvale. Three of my friends from my haiku group decided to drive up.

It is a tradition to exchange haiga cards at this Christmas party so even though I couldn’t go, I decided to participate in the haiga card exchange. After creating these cards, decided to use the design for the front of my Christmas cards, which I’ve decided to make myself this year.

Why send someone else’s canned holiday greeting when I can write my own? Of course, this sudden surge of creativity is also further delaying the mailing date of my Christmas cards, so it’s uncertain at this point whether I’ll manage to get them all in the mail before Christmas or not….