November 16th, 2006

Egrets Reading

Griffith Observatory

Last night after work, I met Linda and Nardin from my haiku group and we went to the recently reopened Griffith Observatory and the new planetarium show Centered in the Universe.

The telescope has been renovated to filter out the light pollution so I was able to see the M13 Globular Cluster through it. Because it was a Wednesday evening, I was lucky that the line to look through the telescope was relatively short. My friends didn't want to wait in line though since the observatory now has a live feed which also shows the view through the telescope to meet handicap access requirements, so I met them in the gift shop afterwards. I guess I'm a doubting Thomas type of person - I wanted to climb up the wooden steps and actually look through the telescope with my own eyes.

I unfortunately did not manage to see the Leonard Nimoy narrated film about the renovation The Once and Future Observatory which plays in the underground Leonard Nimoy Event Horizon Theatre (Leonard and Susan Bay-Nimoy donated a huge amount of money towards the renovation). By the time I got downstairs, the last show was over.

old wooden steps
to the observatory
telescope --
star-struck by globular clusters
she misses Leonard Nimoy

For those who don't live in Los Angeles and haven't heard about all this, the renovation and expansion of the observatory was a several year project which involved digging up the lawn, building a huge underground exhibit hall and then put the lawn back in with the original landscaping. The original historic structure remains architecturally unchanged from the exterior.

And even though Pluto is no longer considered a planet, you can still walk its orbit around the lawn.