November 8th, 2006

Egrets Reading

End Caps in Cinquains

Today I thought I'd rant about End Caps in cinquains (i.e. starting each line of a cinquain with a capital letter). I just don't like them. It seems to destroy the flow of the poem for me.

It's an illogical preference, I know. Adelaide Crapsey wrote with End Caps. There are several cinquain poets today who prefer them, but I guess I'm just too influenced by my haiku journey to appreciate them.

Today I received a copy of Sandcutters, the quarterly journal of the Arizona State Poetry Society, which contains my poem, "Resonance."


as the front door opens --
a puppy's tail echoes the warmth
of home.

-Deborah P Kolodji
Sandcutters, November 2006

However, the editor decided to change everything to endcaps so it looked like this:


As the front door opens --
A puppy's tail echoes the warmth
Of home.

To me, this just totally disrupts the flow of the poem! When I read a very short poem with end caps like this I find myself pausing between lines so that it reads "Increased" (pause) "Oscillation" instead of a more fluid "Increased oscillation"

Anyway, needless to say, I was not pleased when I opened the issue (my poem is on the left side of the center fold...).

This is an odd poem for me because I rarely write pet poems, mostly because I don't have any, except for my raccoon-bait pond goldfish.

However, my sister has a couple of dogs named Bailey and Anna that I pet when I feel the need, so I'm okay, truly I am - please don't send me any puppies or kittens.