November 2nd, 2006

Egrets Reading

Another Musical Evening

Today, I went over to West LA where Kirk's choir (The New Schola Cantorum at St. Paul the Apostle) was singing a Requiem Mass by John Rutter.

It was gorgeous. The choir was accompanied by flute, oboe, cello, harp, timpani, and of course the church organ. The accoustics in St Paul's are always wonderful - much better than in the new cathedral. Afterwards, it was a bit scary watching the choir members bring the instruments (particularly the harp and timpani) down from the choir loft. It took 4 men for the largest timpani and there are a couple of turns on the stairs from the loft.

Afterwards, I had dinner with both sons and then returned home to find some e-mails from poetry submissions I made back in June.

It was "no" for the poems I sent Alba, but a yes on one I sent Falling Star, a local LA print journal which pays in contributor copies (I met the editor last year at the Los Angeles Festival of Books).

I also received a contributor copy from Brevities, Joyce Odam's tiny little journal of minimalistic poetry.