October 21st, 2006

Egrets Reading

Isn't she smiling too much to be a vampire?

Today was a very exhausting, very poetry-filled, fun day. The photo below was taken at the Garden of Pan horror poetry reading tonight. The vampire cape actually belongs to Stephania Ebony, a fellow SFPA-er who let me borrow it for a photo op. Too bad I won't have it to wear tomorrow for my Halloween reading in San Dimas.

Garden of Pan, Long Beach, California - October 21, 2006

I almost didn't go to this particular reading because it followed my haiku group workshop, but I had hoped to see Nancy Ellis-Taylor who I managed to miss by approximately 30 seconds. Besides Stephania, Denise Dumars was the other SFPA member who read. I only arrived for the end of it, but managed to hear both Stephania and Denise, read myself, and hear readings by Christopher Villa (who was part of a now-disbanded poetry reading troupe called the Undead Poets Society with Denise, Nancy, Stephania, and others) and Michael Bloom (who is currently part of a group modeled on the Undead Poets called the League of Vampiric Bards).

As for the haiku workshop and kukai, it was wonderful. We had a great turnout of 14 people (11 are shown in the photo below), which is way up from recent meetings where we had 6 or 7 people show up.

Southern California Haiku Study Group
Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena, California - October 21, 2006

This is one of the haiku I wrote today for the kukai. It ended up tied for the highest number of votes. I used "starless sky" as an October kigo because October is a month with fewer bright stars in the sky.

starless sky--
my son tells me
he's moving out

(c)2006 Deborah P Kolodji

All together we wrote a total of 54 haiku for the kukai part of the meeting/workshop, which meant we ran over our allotted time for the room, making it a bit crazy there at the end. However, except for the time problem, the workshop and kukai was really wonderful and hopefully a sign of more great workshops to come.

So, tomorrow I have the San Dimas reading and next Saturday I am giving a presentation on haiku for the McGroarty Chapter of the California Federation of Chaparral Poets, Inc. at the Sunland-Tujunga library.

I think I will have done my share for poetry in Los Angeles for the month of October....