October 3rd, 2006

Egrets Reading

World Kigo Database

On Saturday, I mentioned "kigo" in my blog. Today, I want to spotlight the World Kigo Database.

One of the problems with using Japanese season words is that a poet living in a different part of the globe may have different seasonal associations with particular words than their traditional Japanese associations. Something that happens in the spring in Japan may happen in the summer somewhere else.

So, Dr. Gabi Greve of the Durama Museum in Japan conceived of the World Kigo Database, an online saijiki which attempts to identify season words in different parts of the world as a reference for writing traditional style haiku. Gabi was born in Germany but lives in Japan. There are several volunteers compiling local saijiki on the site, including sin_agua who is doing one for the Sonoran Desert.

Gabi just added a new entry for candy apple on the lower part of the apple page, identifying it as a North America autumn kigo. She includes three sample haiku by me and one by Rich Magahiz.