September 16th, 2006

Egrets Reading

My new red silk umbrella

I'm sunburned.

Today's event at the Queen Mary went well, even if the turnout was a bit less than expected. I even sold three copies of Red Planet Dust at this completely non-science fiction event.

Here I am hawking my wares (before the sun took its toll):

Unfortunately, the organizer didn't make it clear that I should really provide my own sun tarp or shelter from the sun and I didn't understand that my "booth" wasn't going to be a "booth" unless I brought booth materials to construct one. So, I had two tables in the sun.

A phone call to a friend from my haiku group ensured that some sunscreen arrived for me a couple hours later, but by then, my skin was a bit pinker than normal. At some point, I finally got the idea to buy a red silk umbrella to shade myself. I only wish I would have thought of it earlier.

my flush
from his compliment
red silk umbrella