September 12th, 2006

Egrets Reading

Poetry cross pollination

It's interesting how my rather diverse poetry interests sometimes converge.

Tonight, I went to G. Murray Thomas's open mic poetry reading in the Marina Pacific Barnes and Nobles in Long Beach. I met Murray when he showed up in August for our Southern California Haiku Study Group workshop.

I went mostly to let local Long Beach poets know about the Asian Heritage Festival at the Queen Mary this coming Saturday. The Southern California Haiku Study Group is going to have a display table, a haiku workshop from 2-4 pm (by the water sort of away from the rest of the festival), and a poetry reading and open mic in the Martial Arts arena at 6 pm.

Oddly enough, some horror poets showed up so there was a lot of genre poetry read and even more oddly, none of it was by your new SFPA Prez (mostly because I was occupied talking up haiku for the Saturday event). Three members of The League of Vampiric Bards read poetry. They are going to perform after the open mic on Tuesday, October 10th at 7 pm at the Marina Pacifica Barnes and Noble. Do any of the other local SFPA poets want to meet me there and bring some genre poetry to read at the open mic?