September 10th, 2006

Egrets Reading

The Drive Home

After driving the 5 home from Santa Cruz (now that Yvette is all nicely moved in), I'm not really sure it's altogether that much faster than the 101 and a lot less scenic. (Of course, this also means I'm not tempted to stop and walk along beaches...)

Then, there are the trucks. As I just started up the grapevine (for non-Californians, "The Grapevine" is the stretch of highway crossing over the El Tejon Pass south into Los Angeles. It is a major trucking route on a very steep hill. There are four lanes in each direction, the two right lanes are for trucks and the two left lanes are for passenger vehicles), a semi-truck cab had managed to become separated from its load, blocking three lanes. This meant, of course, that four lanes of traffic, including two lanes of semi-trucks, had to go into the far left lane. This caused traffic to come to a complete halt on a very, very, very steep grade. I found myself extremely thankful that I wasn't driving a stick shift.

After I cleared the truck, it was smooth sailing up the rest of the summit and down into LA, although I did see flames from the brush fire they've been talking about for the past week.

nightime flames
in the rearview mirror
my hurry home