September 6th, 2006

Egrets Reading

Autumn issue of Simply Haiku

The Autumn issue of Simply Haiku is online. There’s nothing of mine this time but there were several things I enjoyed reading:

Tanka by Joanne Morcom, one of the contributors to my “What is Scifaiku Brochure?”. Some of these are wonderfully creepy (the leg bone in the catacombs, for example), but full of great atmosphere, many possibly written on a trip to South America?

Haiku by Ann K. Schwader, another “What is Scifaiku Brochure?” contributor. I especially liked “dawn creeps” with the surprise of the skunk scent at the end giving a completely different meaning to what exactly is creeping under that screen door! When I lived in Pasadena, we had a problem with a local feral skunk population, so I’ve lived this haiku. As an aside, the County of Los Angeles was particularly unhelpful, mailing me a plan for a skunk trap and saying for a small fee they’d come pick up skunks after I trapped them. If I wanted to take up animal trapping, why would I live in Los Angeles? I finally just learned how to coexist with them….

Haiku by Naia, a friend from my local haiku group. My favorites here are “blossom time” and “autumn rain.” I tend to be cynical about most romantic poetry but Naia can write romance in such a way that it’s real and not sickly sweet. We’ve all seen “that faraway look” on a friend’s face when she thinks of her lover and there’s something about the autumn rain and the act of “sleeping/ where he slept” that resonates with me.

I also enjoyed the vertical fire escape poem by Natalia L. Rudychev, a poet relatively new to me. There’s something about a fire escape leading to the moon that appeals to my sense of fancy.

There are many more moments worth reading in this issue. I’ll leave it to you to discover them.