September 3rd, 2006

Egrets Reading

Evolution of a Poem

tithenai has an entry about seeing something as something it is not. She says this in awe as if it is something weird. I think this is because she’s a poet and has a wonderful dreamer’s eye. I can’t wait to see the poem she’s going to write about the lady in the pale lavender taffeta skirt.

Today, I looked around for Amal's tiny, tiny men wearing red hats and riding black birds but didn’t see any. I looked in the sky and thought, “Oh wow, that looks like one of patchwork_prose's cloud photos from North Dakota except there are palm trees. Since I had my camera handy, I took a photo.

Later, I was writing an e-mail to two of my scifaiku friends and occasional writing partners, oino sakai and Andrea Gradidge, about Ancient Skies and the logistics of getting their autographs on my copy of it. Because I indulge in slipping “greeting card haiku” in notes to friends sometimes, I was trying to think of a kigo that used “skies” as a nod to the title of oino’s chapbook.

So, somehow reading something in a blog about little men riding ravens led to thoughts of clouds from North Dakota that were really in California which then became juxtaposed against a word from the title of a scifaiku chapbook and a haiga was born:

Hopefully, the haiga wasn't too anticlimatic after the complicated story of its creation.

Because I still don't have decent photoshop software and I put the lettering in with Paint, of all things, I apologize that the resolution of the letters isn't holding up very well from its transference from PC to website to image source here. The haiku is:

clouds overhead
remind me of my friend
summer skies