August 27th, 2006

Egrets Reading

Hollywood Moon and Celestial Status

Hollywood Moon, the cinquain I wrote about this year's Perseids, is now online at New Verse News.

This is one of the places I sometimes send my current event poems. The problem with a current event poem is that its moment is fleeting and if you take a more traditional approach to getting it published, by the time the editor looks at it, the moment may have already passed.

The Pluto poems I'm sure many are writing right now may be interesting to try to market as upstart_crow pointed out in the comments to my Pluto post a few days ago.

I went to a poetry reading in San Dimas this afternoon and Jim Gibson, a retired astronomer, read a long poem about the solar system and Pluto's natural place in it.

styrofoam planets
on a third grade project
the ball that fell off