August 20th, 2006

Egrets Reading

San Francisco

In the morning, my daughter and I drove up the coast to San Francisco. I had never actually driven that stretch of the 1 before. It was gorgeous and I desperately wanted to take photos at times, but alas, there was really nowhere safe to pull over to attempt it. I kept telling myself that it was too overcast for photos, but my photographer's eye wasn't listening.

San Francisco in August was as cold as always. I was glad I threw that coat in my suitcase at the last moment.

We had brunch at the Fog City Diner with an old high school friend of mine and then attended the Haiku Poets of Northern California Two Autumns Reading where Susan Antolin, Stanford Forrester, Evelyn H Hermann, and John Thompson read selections from the reading companion chapbook, "Still Speaking of Wind," edited by Paul Miller (who was also present). Copies of the chapbook are available for $8 plus postage from Two Autumns Press. 822 Pajaro Street, Salinas, CA 93901.

It was an interesting selection of voices, varied in tone and topic. Susan's haiku was focused on her daughters and had the rich emotional quality of tanka, Evelyn's haiku and senryu were filled with puns and humor and she brought us all to laughter, and one of John's haiku was one that I'd actually classify as a scifaiku (there's a robot involved)! However, my favorite part of the program was when Stanford read his haiku, filled with unique insights into simple everyday moments.