August 19th, 2006

Egrets Reading

Deer and King Lear

This photo was snapped from the balcony of my daughter's on campus apartment at UC Santa Cruz. I think I've seen more deer on the Santa Cruz campus than on all my visits to Yosemite.

Shakespeare Santa Cruz's production of King Lear was incredible. I had tears running down my face when Lear finds Cordelia's body. I didn't expect to be moved to tears since I already knew what was going to happen but I was, which says something for the performance. I highly recommend it to anyone who happens to be in the Monterey Bay area before September 3rd (closing night).

After the 2 pm King Lear performance, we drove down to Monterey and had dinner at a Cannery Row restaurant. It was a fun way to belatedly celebrate both of our August birthdays.

on Cannery Row
her smile all grown up